Phaedrus – Mstg_rror

 12″ vinyl (7tracks)

Phaedrus work with multilayering and with multiple sound-creating and processing tools — both in the digital and analogue realm.

By moving one sound-layer at a time, from one tool or media to another in a manner where a little or some information is lost every time, he slowly build the clouds of sound, dissected melodies and abstract drones that this EP consists of. And as the new sounds come to life, the original sound-sources fade away; and more and more mistakes and errors remain as new sounds.

In doing so, the composer believes in the listeners’ ability to compose their own abstract ideas of what and where the sounds originated from. Thus striving for a listening experience, that is introvert, private and imaginative for the mind. An experience best obtained by laying down, walking in the a field or some other “non-activity”.

One element though, that is an integrated part of Phaedrus´ “Mstg_rror” EP — that is not hidden away — is the sound of dusty reel-to-reel tapes, that sound like they were from a distant past, and carry those beautiful and forgotten mistakes and aesthetics of error. And although this EP is both available on digital format of your choice and vinyl, phloq highly recommend the vinyl edition.
It sound very well on vinyl.

Listen and purchase Mstg_rror Here

Music by: Phaedrus
Cover photo by: My
Available formats: Vinyl & Digital
2017 – phloq

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