perception phloq

phloq have been invited by the Copenhagen based art collective: Hackstage,
to participate at their next event: perception phloq – 23 of november 2013. Perception
is an event where visual artists, stagedesigners and mainly electronic music artists can
express themselves and experiment.

Musically this event will evolve from slow drones and ambient textures to complex
micro beats and colorfull timbres..

lineup :
pt 1 ◢ PhaedrusMaulex ◢ Dot ◢ Krishve
pt 2 ◢ Senko ◢ Glasowerstrasse 67 ◢ Okasinh ◢ Vectral ◢ Yuroq

Visuals :
◢ Erik Von Artz vs. Despot◢ Drocles Wondershow◢ Oculastik◢ Centralkommune
◢ Blitzkrieg John◢ Rawclaws Gameshow

Event and further information.. here