Maulex – Circular Movements

 Maulex_Circular_12´10″ vinyl (4tracks) // 7″ vinyl – (2 tracks)

“Circular Movements” focuse on alternative use of record players and the aesthetic errors that follow. The shape of the circle is the compositional starting point. Musically, all the content on these two records is produced by alternative use of record players, but without any use of vinyl records.

In addition to the use of record players the works / compositions / sounds are all created with everything from homebuilt spring reverbs, to disc towers with diverse objects attached (disc rotates – objects strikes – their circular journey is picked up by piezodics (microphones) – and a sequencer-like function is born).

The project is divided into two records – a 10” and a 7” – where the 10” is the “pure” unaltered version recorded in realtime, and the 7” is the processed version – with animated timelines…

10” – 33 rpm
– A-side – Passive // Mechanical composition – On this side the works unfold on their own.
– B-side – Active // I interfere with the mechanics during the recording using the mechanical setup as an instrument.
* Each side on the record ends with a locked groove, marking the never-ending nature of the circle…

7” – 45 rpm
A processed version of the raw sound material from the 10” record. – Tape cut ups – and resampling through piezo disks.

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Music by: René Middelhede // Maulex
Master by: Sofus Forsberg
Artistic consulting: Lise Schiølin & Jonas Olesen
Cover artwork by: Peter Rune Christiansen
2014 – phloq

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