New Vinyl Release by: Phaedrus

Cover Front - Mstg_Rror w. frame

Cover Back Mstg_rror w. frame

Phaedrus – Mstg_rror.
Catalogue nr:14

This 7 tracks EP is the debut vinyl from sound artist and electronic composer Phaedrus.
The EP presents both mellow and melodic Ambient and at other times more harsh abstract drones.
The vinyl comes with a complementary digital download.

Read more about the album and where to purchase the vinyl here.
Or take a listen to the digital version on our bandcamp:

Maulex & Phaedrus – re:mod7

New phloq release – catalogue nr:13
Maulex & phaedrus – re:mod7
Remod7 is the first collabration between Maulex & Phaedrus. The album consists of 7 tracks, and it is the culmination of two years work (on and off).
Fragmented EDB/data jazz – unfolded in microscopic soundscapes…

Go to release here.
The album is available as a digital release on our bandcamp.

Second phloq split tape release

phloq split tape vol. 2_All3168pxl copy

Isak Hilmer // Maulex – split tape

phloq – Split Tape Vol. 02 is the 2nd tape, in phloq’s ongoing split cassette series.
Two sides // Two artists // One Cassette-Tape // One Cover-artist

A side: Isak Hilmer : digIN >3.58min, plok 001 >4.30min, sun t_wO >7.00min
B side: Maulex : KDST 1 >5.46min, KDST 2 >8.02min
Cover Art: Cecilie Nørgaard

Each tape includes a unique handmade cover, 23×20 poster
and a download-code to the digital-release.
Purchase phloq – Split Tape Vol. 02 from our bandcamp or Insula Music in Copenhagen.

New release; phloq – Split Tape vol I


“phloq – Split Tape Vol. 01” is the 1st tape, in an ongoing split tape cassette series.
Two sides // Two artists // One Tape-casette // One Cover-artist
A side: Dot / frvrlv 15:00min
B side: Phaedrus / String(s_prim); 15:00min
Cover Art: Johan de Reybekill

Purchase phloq – Split Tape Vol. 01 from our bandcamp or Insula Music in Copenhagen.

compilation twelve release party

phloq would like to invite you to the release-event of the vinyl:
phloq – compilation twelve” the 28 of March. The event will take
place at godsbanen, b-huset, Århus and will start at 7 pm.

From 7.30 pm we will commence a listening-session. This is a
chance to listen to the album in good and relaxed listening-conditions.
The visual artist Jonas Mousten Eriksen who also created the artwork
on the album, will VJ during the listening-session.

At 9.00 pm the first of nine concerts with the artists from the release will start.

The performers are:
Alex Mørch // Mads engell // Filip JA // Isaktelefon // Phaedrus //
Dot // Maulex // Krishve // Malcolm Mahiti

Before 9 pm: Free
From 9 pm: 40.-

Find fb event: here

phloq releases compilation twelve

PHLOQ – COMPILATION TWELVE [2013]Available on vinyl 2 x 12″

Compilation twelve is a ten tracks long compilation released as a double LP.

This is our seventh release, and second compilation album, since we founded phloq.
If you like our previous compilation: phloq#01, you are sure to enjoy every minute
of this one hour-long album.



The album is a journey through statically droning silhouettes, cinematic atmospheres,
mechanical noise-machines and ambient soundscapes, all of it shot through with a
passion for the aesthetics of error.
The album is available in various record shops, in Aarhus and Copenhagen and via
mail-order via our bandcamp.

Artists on the album:
Dot / Isaktelefon / Filip Ja / Maulex / Phaedrus / Malcolm Mahiti /
Krishve / Mads Engell / Alex Mørch / Jannick Schou

Cover art-work made by:
Jonas Mousten Eriksen

New release by: Krishve

KRiSHVE – SPiRAL [2012] – Available as cd & free download album.


Almost nothing in this universe can be described with a completely straight line.
As you move closer you’ll see small deviations. It turns out the straight line is really
more like a waveform, but because you saw it from far away, you perceived it as a line.

Not only sound, but many things in our world, are moving up and down in perpetual
wavelike motion. At times these waves move in circles, looking almost like spirals.
A spinning spiral can act as a powerful trance inducing tool, as can slow moving
sound waves if the listener is prepared to let herself go.

Go to releases or the phloq´s Bandcamp for additional info and free album download.

Visit KRiSHVE at

New release by: Maulex

Maulex – QUAD [2012] – available on vinyl.

Phloq presents a four track vinyl release by Maulex.
QUAD ep is limited to 200 unique copies, and will only be released on vinyl.


QUAD ep can be found in selected vinyl shops in Århus, Copenhagen & Berlin..
and Discogs.

-more info go to releases

New release by Maulex

Maulex – Overlay [2012] – Available as a free download album & Cd

A seven track CD by Maulex. The release Overlay focuses on textures,
fragmented sound and microtonal timbres.


It’s not music that flows rapidly from room to room, rather it moves slowly
across the room and fills it with microscopic nuances & textural overlays,
that constantly change color..

Visit Maulex on soundcloud