phloq – 3Xrelease

On June 12 phloq is, together with B-Huset in Århus, hosting an evening with modular
synthesis, alternative media usage, and digital error collapse. This evening we are happy
to present our next three releases on three different media, from:
Shetyw (tape) // Maulex (Vinyl) // Phaedrus. (digital)

Video: Shetyw Live at this event.


..bends analogous structures, driven by an underlying
preconception of noise and modular synthesis.

..explores the alternative usage of muliple turntables,
turning the media itself into delivering his transparent
textures of sound.

..challenges his computers CPU, to run a to-large-to-handle
programmed max/msp patch of self-generating synthesis.
Hopefully beautiful errors will occur.

Vinyl x 2. – Circular movements // Maulex
Tape and digital LVLS // Shetyw
Digital ep. – Koa Ni // Phaedrus